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About the foundation

We help children with cancer and their families
co-financing treatment and rehabilitation, psychological care and pedagogical and social assistance

We improve treatment conditions
purchase of medical devices and equipment for patient rooms, modernisation and reconstruction of paediatric oncology departments

We educate society on:
cancer, transplants and bone marrow donation

We promote a healthy lifestyle
through physical activity, participation in sports events and cultural activities/volunteering

We integrate healthy children and youth with disabled children as a result of cancer andhaematological diseases: 
through physical activity, participation in sports events and cultural activities/volunteering

We are engaged in charity work 
auctions, concerts, campaigns, among others, of a sporting and entertaining

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Foundation for Children with Oncological Diseases Krwinka was established on the initiative of parents of sick children in 1995.

“It was our personal experience that made us act”, recalls Elżbieta Budny.“When I heard the diagnosis: leukaemia, I only knew about this disease as much as from the ‘Love Story’ film. I didn't know what I was dealing with or what to do to save my little son. The situation was similar to other parents, therefore, we were connected by a common fate. In the ward on Sporna Street, we decided to found a circle of people supporting children, a clinic and each other...over time, the circle transformed into a foundation. The three of us, including myself, unfortunately lost the fight and lost the children but others are still alive. We have also acquired invaluable knowledge and the experience that we share with the parents of little patients.”

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10.05.2021 r.
New mentee - Alicja Piwowarska

Ala was 10 years old when the disease began unexpectedly in April 2020. The first symptoms were a swollen cheek and leg pain. After detailed research, a devastating diagnosis was made: acute lymphoblastic leukemia, high-risk group. The disease changed Ala's whole life, yet the girl bravely fights all adversities.

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26.04.2021 r.
New mentee - Alicja Kostrzewa

Ala Kostrzewa is a cheerful two-year-old girl from Klew near Opoczno. Until last year's vacation, her life was filled with joy, family closeness and fun with her two years older brother - Bartek. Everything changed on Wednesday morning, July 8, 2020. After numerous tests, the girl was diagnosed with acute bone marrow leukemia. Her fight continues. Help her gain a better future.

15.04.2021 r.

If you thought that pizza wouldn't surprise you anymore, it's time to change your mind. Our new partner - "Do Kwadratu" Restaurant makes a pizza whose shape fits perfectly into the pizza box!

Our children
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